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For After Hours support, please call 478-788-4601 for our answering service.


Isuzu Lawn Max


Our specialty is the Isuzu Lawn Max landscape truck

You are able to custom order everything you can imagine: gas or diesel, standard cab or crew cab, toolboxes, cooler racks, weed-eater racks, translucent roof, racks for sprayers, ladders, tools, chemicals and much more. If landscaping is your life, then the Lawn Max is for you.

Middle Georgia Freightliner Isuzu has been in the landscaping industry for many years. Our Isuzu chassis is a perfect fit for all landscapers. We have in stock New and Used Isuzu Trucks and we have easy access to commercial truck body installers to customize or build any type configuration you need for your business. Whether you want an enclosed truck body or an open landscape body, we can get it done! Call our sales staff today & inquire on what you need to get started or enhance your business. 478-788-4601


Options for the Isuzu Lawn Max Landscaping Truck

A.   Cooler Rack
B.   Pool Pruner Pole Rack
C.   Weedeater Racks
D.   Chemical Jug Rack
E.   Shelves
F.   Translucent Roof
G.   Ladder Rack
H.   Louver Vents (2 in front, 2 on rear rollup door)
I.   pack Blower Pack
J.   Tool Racks
K.   Backpack Sprayer Rack
L.   Pruning Sheer Rack
M.   Fire Extinguisher
N.   Clipboard Rack
O.   First Aid Kit
P.   Hardwood Flooring

Isuzu Roadside Assistance

Isuzu Commercial Truck of America backs Isuzu N-Series trucks with one of the strongest roadside assistance packages ever offered for mid-range trucks. If your new model Isuzu N-Series commercial truck experiences a breakdown anywhere in the United States, we will immediately dispatch a tow truck to provide minor roadside repair or to take your truck to our nearest dealer for service. Download the Roadside Assistance brochure.

The roadside assistance program is available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year through our toll-free number: (866) 441-9659.