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Middle Georgia Freightliner
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For After Hours support, please call 478-788-4601 for our answering service.



2363 Spires Dr, Macon, Georgia, US

At Middle Georgia Freightliner - Isuzu, we offer Semi-Trailer Repairs and Service. Come to us if you need side sheet repair, translucent and aluminum roof repair or floor replacements and repairs. We are able to fix all makes and models including reefer trailers, log trailers, construction, dump trailers, dry van trailers, flatbeds, lowboys, box van bodies, bulk haulers and all the rest!

Our Body Shop Manager, Jeff Scarborough, has years of experience in handling Commercial Truck & Trailer Claims and we work with ALL Insurance Carriers.

Our Commercial Trailer Body Shop and Repair Facility is locked and secured, so you know your trailers are safe with us.


Services include, but not limited to

  • Complete Trailer Suspension Repair
  • Heavy Trailer Frame Repair
  • Axle Alignments
  • 65' Downdraft Paint Booth
  • PPG Certified Refinisher
  • Hydraulic Repairs and Installation
  • Rigmaster APU Dealer: installs and repairs
  • Morgan Truck Body Company Dealer
  • BeeLine Frame Straightener


We install RigMaster APU's too!

RigMaster Power APU is a complete stand-alone generator set that runs all night on what your idling truck engine burns in two hours. At Middle Georgia Freightliner we sell and install your RigMaster APU. One hour of idling equals 100 miles of highway driving. Over a period of time, prolonged idling can waste thousands of gallons of diesel fuel per year and needlessly increase the wear and tear on your truck's engine and related components.

Learn more about the RigMaster APU




Do you need a liftgate installed? Not only do we install them, we offer repairs, parts, service, maintenance, transfer & reinstall. If your liftgate is still under warranty, we can file the claims for you, too.

As a Certified Morgan Truck Body Representative, we can handle your purchase, install and repairs. Morgan Truck Body is BEST in-class truck body sales, reliable product information, service and customer support. We are proud to be a part of their network.

Bee Line Frame Straightening Systems allows the operator full control over every part of the semi-trailer during the full operation. They are the most versatile and efficient Frame Straightening machines out there. By us having the system in our own shop, we do not have to rely on outside sources to get it done, which means minimal downtime for our customers and we can get the job done more efficiently for you!